Usable building
blocks for web3

We are building a suite of services and open source projects aimed to deliver a great user experience in decentralized apps.
Full Stack Template
Open source project that leverages the best web and cloud technologies(React, Node, Stripe, Auth0, Heroku) with up to date web3 standards (Open Zeppelin, Truffle, Drizzle, IPFS, Clevis, Infura). Decentralization is a range, make tradeoffs according to your project/startup.
Status: First version out
Developed during ethSF. Create your own censorship resistant blog in minutes. Manage your posts through a simple UI and store your posts on the blockchain through Ethereum and IPFS.
Status: Alpha Live!
Project Proof
Proof is a DIY badge creation tool built for communities to easily design and mint their own non-fungible, non-transferable badges and distribute them to within their own communities and applications for various achievements.
Status: Coming Soon!
We also advise several cryptocurrency companies with their technology, product and overall strategy. If you are interested in knowing more, please reach out at [email protected].
Team experience includes: